Building your Add-on
Local is powered by Electron/Node.js. This means all Add-ons interface with Local using a simple JavaScript API.
With that in mind, don't think Local Add-ons can only be JavaScript. Node.js provides robust APIs such as child_process which enable executing outside binaries and shell scripts.
Also, thanks to the vast ecosystem of modern JavaScript, you can write your Local Add-on in any language that transpiles to ES5, such as ES6, ES7, or TypeScript.
You can get up and running with your new add-on quickly and easily with the Local Add-on Generator. It is super simple to set up, and can help you start creating your new add-on in no time! It automatically sets up a bare-bones add-on in Local, and shows some helpful tips and examples (many of which are detailed in the following sections) to jumpstart your add-on development.
The Local Add-on API is always growing! If you need a hook to be added for any reason, please let us know in the Local Community and we'll be happy to work with you.
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